December Pig Farming Update

Our Farm is moving, Pork prices are falling, but our sales are on the up!

Reports show that we may well have a challenging new year ahead of us…

A report published on the Pig World website suggests that next year could be a tough one for UK pig farms.

Global meat consumption has been steadily increasing year on year. The eating habits of developing countries, such as China and India, has led to the development of a supply-driven market – where producers are constantly forced to push their prices down, in order to remain competitive.

Despite harbouring a frosty political relationship for decades, the United States is one of the largest exporters of Pork to China. With the rising strength of the dollar (and uncertainty over the future stability of trade deals with China and other countries), the pig farms of America are expected to scale up their efforts all the more, to take advantage of this increase in demand. This, in turn, will put more pressure on UK farms. After a tricky year, following the effects of Russia’s sanctions on EU pork, it looks like things won’t be getting any easier for us in the coming year!

Packing up the pigs and equipment is going to be a big challenge…

As far as news on our farm goes, we’reĀ finally making the move, 10 miles down the road, to a larger site.

Despite some tricky financial setbacks, the farm’s been doing well, with our focus on animal welfare helping us sell more products at farmer’s markets as well as butchers. This is the first time that I’ve organised such a large migration of livestock and equipment, so it looks like I’ll have my work cut out for me leading up to Christmas.

Luckily, I’ve got a group of old Union buddies who co-own some great vehicles to transport the pigs in. As far as the equipment goes, I’m looking to invest in a large amount of timber crates to move the gates, feeding units and troughs. I’ll be able to pack them down, once they’ve been used, and store them for deliveries of products at a later date. I’m calling in some extra hands with the heavy lifting – wouldn’t want to put my back out so close to the holidays…

Pop the champers, our Christmas sales are bigger than ever!

Although most people associate Christmas time with turkey eating, more and more people seem to be moving towards pork as an alternative Christmas Dinner centre piece.

Christmas sales of both our roast joints, as well as our sausages and bacon, are at an all time high. This has been a tough year for us. We’ve had to withstand plummeting industry prices as well as stiff competition from outside the EU.

Thankfully we’ve had the Great British public to rely on as faithful consumers of our products.

Thanks to the promotion of our products through Food Festivals and Farmers’ Markets, we’ve been able to share our passion of ethically raised pork with the people of Essex and this has, in turn, had a positive impact on our sales!