5 of the World’s Most Popular Pigs

Pork consumption is growing across the World!

To celebrate Pork getting more popular, lets run through a few of the World’s most iconic pigs, to get to grips with just why Pork is starting to become the planet’s favourite food.

There are millions of pigs farmed across the world, here are the World’s Favourite 5:

The Large White

When most people think of Pigs their mind goes to a baby pink, lightly furry creature with a curly tail. They think of little pink creatures trapped in straw and brick houses, or children’s Film characters. In short, they think of the Large White. One of the most exported pigs and, arguably, the World’s Number One choice of breed.

Made famous by movies such as 1995’s Babe, the Large White is a hugely versatile creature, able to cross with and improve many other breeds.

The Mangalitza

This furry porker created some minor headlines back in 2014, when it was discovered that it provided the world’s most expensive ham. A hardy, woollen creature – the Mangalitza’s meat is famed for it’s rich marbling.

An extremely high fat content makes it’s meat perfect for curing. However, you might want to save up before investing, a 15-pound leg joint of this wonderful creature could set you back nearly £2000!

The Hampshire

One of the most recorded breed of pigs in America, this chap is easy to recognise from the white band that runs around his middle and over his legs. Known for being particularly well-muscled, this pig has an exceptional carcass quality.

Hampshire sows can breed for much longer than other pigs, although they don’t grow as fast as competing cross breeds, they still give most other English breeds a run for their money!

British Saddleback

A pig emblematic of Modern day life. The first British Saddleback was created back in 1967, making this versatile breed not yet 50 years old! Large and deep bodied, this pig is a cross-breed of the Essex and Wessex, simultaneously bred for it’s pork and bacon.

A typically hardy British pig, the Saddleback is known for it’s ability to graze and can survive all kinds of climates – they’ve even been exported to the extremes of Africa!


Finally, the oldest of all the English pure breeds, the Tamworth is instantly recognisable by it’s bright red hair. The meat from this old breed of pig is particularly gamey, making it a common choice for crossing with the Wild Boar.

Although this pig’s meat is highly prized, it has more endearing features that explain why it’s one of England’s most iconic breeds. Along with having excellent excavation skills, this noble pig is now prized for it’s heritage more than it’s meat.

British Pork is only getting more popular – thanks to these noble breeds of pigs we can hopefully look forward to several more decades of pork dominance!